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    OpiaNetwork: Update #1… #2, #3, #4

    Uh, oh. It’s been a while…


    It has been 64 days since our largely anticipated OPEN BETA release which happened way back on
    October 14th. Can you believe it has been that long? This is when we released the mini-game aspect of our network, which included games such as: Castle Wars, Freeze Tag and Pickle. As much success as our mini-games first brought, it was unfortunately short lived. To add to that misfortune, external factors affected the promotion of these said mini-games and the hype, understandably, fizzled out.

    Not to be beaten, the Management team recuperated and discussed strategies on how to get things back on track.

    Thus, the creation of SKYBLOCK!

    Skyblock was never something we initially considered; though, we’re really happy we chose to go down that route. We are in the process of building a solid community, generating players and you guys are genuinely having fun and that’s great!

    Due to its success, we want to do more! Hypothetically, this could mean: releasing another Skyblock realm, perhaps Factions and returning back to our routes with mini-games! What we love most about this network is its potential. We have fantastic owners, endorsers, developers and both a talented staff and build team. Everything is in place to help this network grow and grow, I for one am looking forward to see it all unfold.

    Braveheart speech over, let’s get onto some important news and updates!


    Firstly, let us address the elephant in the room! We now have a new logo and the meme below perfectly sums up how we feel about this:


    We were wanting to re-brand into something that is more stylish and sleek and we believe this new logo and forum design captures that.


    Now that's out of the way, we begin with Moderator applications as it is a big reason you sign up to these forums in the first place.

    Here are some statistics as of 17/12/17:

    Accepted applications: 15
    Denied applications: 211

    15÷226 = 0.066
    x 100 = 6.6%
    Quick maths.

    That’s right, our application acceptance rate is at a low 6.6%. I hope this highlights the standards we set and that we don’t just accept anyone and everyone. It is important when you write your application, you do so with great effort, maturity and integrity. Reference your personality traits, your past experience and your hobbies.

    Before the new year, I hope to have posted a hints and tips thread on how to perfect your Moderator Application to give you a better understanding of what we expect when you write your initial application.

    Some useful resources are linked below:



    Plenty of faces have come and gone. I would like to take this time to thank those who served over the last couple of months but, also, I would like to welcome our newest Moderators.

    A special mention and welcome also to @Sigils, who joins the network as a Manager. @Sigils, real name Andrew, comes on board to help bolster our research and development into minigames as well as implementing and designing said minigames too.

    I, myself, have had my role tweaked slightly. I remain a Manager but specialise in PR and communications and act as the business’ secretary.

    We now have a defined Head of Staff in @Kyle who will take up the mentoring, training and overall development of the Staff team.


    If you have been following our Twitter recently, you will know we have been revealing daily offers, freebies and giveaways. Here is a sample:



    Follow our Twitter:


    Please find below a list of our official Partners who endorse our network as it seems to be of little public knowledge.



    Our talented build team have outdone themselves once more with this cool, Christmas HUB.

    A once sandy, summery island has transitioned with the seasons and turned into an icy, snowy wonderland for you to explore.


    Apologies again for this long overdue thread; however, I can assure you there are lots and lots of exciting projects on the horizon. Keep your eyes peeled on both here and Twitter as there is in fact big news coming in the next couple of days...
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Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Liam, Dec 18, 2017.

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