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  1. Nathan

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    The Faction core is a pivotal part of your base in which you should defend, come what may. Whenever an enemy launches TNT from their claimed land to your core: your Faction will lose a considerable amount of leaderboard points.


    Setting the core: when claiming your first chunk of land, your Faction’s core will be automatically set to that claim. To move your core from its current position, player’s with the Faction admin role can use /f setcore whilst standing in another chunk of land owned by their Faction to move it to their current position. Please note that Faction cores can only be moved when your core is currently protected, we will move on to the point of core protection later on in this thread. Caution: using /f unclaimall or using /f unclaim on your last claimed chunk will cause your Faction's leaderboard points to be reset.

    The core’s height range: we realise that people don’t want to build bases from 0 Y to the maximum world height so, we’ve accounted for that. By using /f core setmax <y> and /f core setmin <y> you can set the maximum and minimum heights where TNT will breach your Faction’s core however there must be at least a difference of 80 Y-levels between the maximum and minimum heights.

    The core’s information: players may want to view the information related to their Faction core or another Faction’s core so, we’ve added the command /f raidinfo [faction tag] where [faction tag] can either be defined or defaulted to your own Faction tag. By entering this command the following will appear:


    Here you can see all of the information you need to know about a Faction’s core claim!


    A Faction’s core protection status is dependent on whether or not one of the following criteria has been met:
    • The Faction is 1 week old;
    • The Faction has reached $500,000 in value; or
    • The Faction has disabled protection manually with the /f raidprot off command.
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  2. Verxi


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    Thanks for the helpful guide. I must say, I was a little bit confused on all the conditions of a core. Thanks for the extensive rundown!
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    Abit confused on what the core actually does

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