Official OPEN BETA: 14/10/2017 (17:00 EDT)

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    Ladies and Gentleman,

    Whether you have only recently joined us; or you have been here from the start, we would officially like to welcome you to the OpiaNetwork.

    We would also like to formally invite you to join our OPEN BETA on:


    22:00 BST // 17:00 EST // 14:00 PT


    Your attendance at our OPEN BETA will help us test our new gamemode additions, alongside smoothing out any development bugs and issues. OPEN BETA is useful in helping us transition from a BETA network to a full release.

    The best thing about OPEN BETA? Anyone and everyone can join!

    Stay up to date with important News and Announcements on both our forums and Twitter.

    What is the OpiaNetwork?

    The OpiaNetwork is a newly found Minecraft gaming network, hosting its servers in the United States. The Network's game-modes have a focus on player vs player battles (PvP) and arcade mini-games, alongside 2 faction realms: Veratic and Kyuzi. Our player base spans across North America and Europe.

    The network is shared quarterly between: Nathan, Kyle, Michael and Billy.

    Your go-to resource to learn more about OpiaNetwork is:

    Alternatively, ask one of our lovely Staff members or use our live chat.

    Who is endorsing OpiaNetwork?


    We have been lucky enough to partner with many talented content creators [yes! Our Owners’ are not just our official endorsers].

    Listed below are other high profiling Minecraft influencers who have officially endorsed the OpiaNetwork:













    Castle Wars was well received by the community in our Closed Beta, despite a number of frustrating bugs and game mechanics. Fortunately, these issues have now been resolved and Castle Wars is, more or less, fully functional!

    In a nutshell: Castle Wars is a competitive PvP gamemode where two teams compete to destroy each others core.

    WATCH the below video to find out more about the gamemode:



    Freeze Tag was the network's first ever gamemode.

    Based on the childhood game 'Tiggy Scarecrow' or 'Stuck in the Mud', players' are either 'runners' or 'taggers'.

    Runners of course run; taggers of course attempt to tag and freeze their opponents. Simple.

    You can watch Havenhand's video below to learn more about the gamemode:



    Our new gamemode addition, Pickle, is essentially the opposite to Freeze Tag. Instead of avoiding to be it; you actually should aim to be it. Yes, you should aim to be the pickle!

    A unique gamemode as the main objective is to be the pickle for the longest amount of time. If you are the pickle for the longest amount of time, you win!


    With factions, we will have two realms: the Veratic Realm and Kyuzi Realm.

    The first realm to be added will be the Kyuzi Realm.

    This realm will accommodate for all: from casual faction players to competitive players, both groups will enjoy their experience. A unique factions top system is included, which allows for hardcore players to compete for our faction top CASH PRIZES!

    Find below a list of details and specifications for the Kyuzi Realm:

    • Factions have a limit of 25 members - each member having 100 power.
    • Accounts are not kicked from factions due to inactivity (this means if you wish to have a faction filled with alts for higher power, you can)!
    • Highly unique "Key Finder" tools, which give players a % chance of obtaining keys! E.g keyfinder pickaxes give you a chance of mining keys!
    • Factions top system and faction core system. For more information regarding the faction core and factions top please click here!
    • Harvester hoes to ease farming.
    • Shockwave and Infusion tools (allow for 3x3 and 5x5 mines to be created when mining a block!).
    • Gen Buckets (Both horizontal and vertical)!.
    • DAILY king of the hill events.
    • Faction fly in faction territory for all players.
    • Strength II potion nerfed.
    • 1.7 styled cannons.
    • Lava flow is disabled and TNT will be blown up by lava.
    • 20 chunk buffer limit.

    This gamemode is currently touch and go and may not be ready for OPEN BETA. Details will be released in due course.


    This gamemode is currently touch and go and may not be ready for OPEN BETA. Details will be released in due course.


    Alongside our new gamemode additions, we will also have a NEW HUB! We are so good to you guys.

    Designed and built by our very own official build team, this NEW HUB is much more spacious and explorable. In fact, the NEW HUB is FIVE TIMES larger than our old one. A much more funner HUB, in which players can relax and take break in-between games. Parkour, hobbit holes and Easter eggs will be found within.

    There we have it, our release details for the upcoming OPEN BETA.

    We genuinely hope to see you there and hope you are as excited as we are.

    Please contact: for any queries; or for any business queries.

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Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by OpiaNET, Oct 13, 2017.

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