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    Introducing the Kyuzi Realm...

    Our first realm to be added to the OpiaMC network will be the "Kyuzi Realm".

    It will be packed fun of exciting, fun and unique features which will make you reconsider the faction server you may currently play. This realm will accommodate for all: from casual faction players to competitive players, both groups will enjoy their experience. With our highly unique
    factions top system, it allows for hardcore players to compete for our faction top CASH PRIZES! Still interested? Read below for a preview list of details and specification for the Kyuzi Realm:

    • Factions have a limit of 25 members - each member having 100 power.
    • Alt accounts are not kicked from factions due to inactivity (this means if you wish to have a faction filled with alts for higher power, you can!)
    • Highly unique "Key Finder" tools, which give players a % chance of obtaining keys! E.g keyfinder pickaxes give you a chance of mining keys!
    • Factions top system and faction core system. For more information regarding the faction core and factions top please click here!
    • Harvester hoes to ease farming.
    • Shockwave and Infusion tools (allow for 3x3 and 5x5 mines to be created when mining a block!)
    • Gen Buckets (Both horizontal and vertical!)
    • DAILY king of the hill events.
    • Faction fly in faction territory for all players.
    • Strength II potion nerfed
    • 1.7 styled cannons
    • Lava flow is disabled and TNT will be blown up by lava.
    • 20 chunk buffer limit
    Factions will be released at the same time as the rest of the network! A release date for OPEN BETA will be announced on the twitter soon! Follow us HERE

    Faction ranks can be pre-purchased from our store now! Buy them cheap in our sale now by checking out our store HERE!

    Be sure to ask in the comments to this thread and a staff member will get back to you!
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Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Kyle, Sep 17, 2017.

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