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    Written by @Jkaem

    This document is an overview of the general rules on all Faction Realms here on OpiaNetwork, and are implemented to expand upon the Official Rules. Please be aware that these rules are subject to change and will be if seen suitable. It is recommended that all players use common sense when overviewing the rules and do not hesitate to contact a staff member regarding questions about the rules. Suggestions on how the rules could changed and new rules could be implemented are supported, and you can do so here.

    All staff decisions are final and cannot be changed without valid evidence and reasoning.

    NOTE: The term “blacklist” is referred to, in this document, as a permanent ban that cannot be appealed through our ban dispute system. You can view the ban dispute system here.

    Hacked Clients

    OpiaNetwork has a zero tolerance attitude towards the use of hacked clients. The term "hacking" refers to the modifications of a vanilla Minecraft client. If these modifications allow users to perform actions that others cannot, giving a user an advantage, the user will be punished indefinitely.

    If a staff member feels that a user is conducting such an act, and gains sufficient evidence, the user will be banned permanently.


    (1st Offense) Permanent Ban


    We aim for our network to be a safe haven for players to escape the adversity of the real world. All members should feel welcome upon logging onto the network.

    Please refrain from Harassing, Abusing, and Insulting any users on our network.


    (1st Offense) 1 Hour Mute

    (2nd Offense) 1 Day Mute

    (3rd Offense) 7 Day Mute

    Inappropriate Skins

    Minecraft skins should not portray the following.

    • Men’s genitalia

    • Women’s genitalia

    • An infamous world leader (i.e; Adolf Hitler, King Jong Il, Joseph Stalin)

    • Terror organisations (i.e; al-Qaeda, Boko Haram, ISIS).
    NOTE: Skins portraying anything that is not listed above can be, and will be, evaluated by a Senior Staff Member.

    You will be immediately asked to disconnect and change your Minecraft skin. Failure to do so will result in a severe punishment against your account.


    (1st Offense) 30 Day Ban
    (2nd Offense) Permanent Ban

    Excessive Use of Caps or Spam

    An excessive mixture of spam and caps floods the chat and is a general nuisance for everybody.

    An example of what is not tolerated is:





    (1st Offense) 1 Hour Mute
    (2nd Offense) 1 Day Mute
    (3rd Offense) 7 Day Mute


    Please do not advertise any content which is not related to OpiaNetwork. This includes:

    • Other Minecraft networks

    • Other Teamspeak servers

    • Twitter profiles

    • Facebook profiles

    • Discord servers
    If you are live-streaming on our network, you may advertise your channel publicly. However, this must not be abused. We would advise you to post a link to your live-stream every 30 minutes.

    If you have posted a YouTube video about our network, you may advertise this in the chat. Again, do not abuse this.

    (1st Offense) Blacklist


    Discriminatory remarks are not prohibited on our network.

    We aim to provide a safe and positive environment to all types of races, cultures and genders and we will not accept members discriminating other members based on these differences.

    Any member found doing this will face severe punishment.


    (1st Offense) 1 Day Mute
    (2nd Offense) 1 Week Mute
    (3rd Offense) Permanent Mute

    Misleading Information

    Do not trick other users or mislead them to do something that will give you an advantage. Confusing your opponent, or assisting them into do something punishable, is not tolerated.

    This may include a member pretending they are a staff member. It can also include saying:

    • Press ALT+F4

    • I am a moderator, do what I say or you will be banned!

    • It is okay to hack on this server, it is not against the rules!

    (1st Offense) 1 Hour Mute
    (2nd Offense) 1 Day Mute
    (3rd Offense) 7 Day Mute

    Distribution of Personal or Confidential Information

    No one wants their private details being distributed out to a large network of users without their consent - so, don't do it.

    This is considered a severe punishment and you will be permanently removed from all platforms of our network if you are caught doing this. Personal information would include:

    • Name
    • Skype
    • IP
    • Address
    • ETC

    (1st Offense) Blacklist


    Posting a link to a jump-scare that has the nature to scare or disturb other users is strictly prohibited.

    We take the distribution of these sorts of links very seriously as it can mentally scar users and, in some cases, be fatal.


    (1st Offense) 30 Day Ban

    Pornographic Links

    The distribution of pornographic links is simply not allowed.

    Considering our player base may be predominantly under the legal viewing age, and the fact this is simply inappropriate for a Minecraft server, users will be dealt with rather harshly.


    (1st Offense) 30 Day Ban
    (2nd Offense) Permanent Ban

    Exploits, Bugs, and Glitches

    OpiaNetwork has a zero tolerance attitude towards the use of exploits, bugs, and glitches. Players caught abusing such, will be punished harshly

    Please report any exploits, bugs, and/or glitches to support@opiamc.net


    (1st Offense) Permanent Ban

    Alternate Accounts

    OpiaNetwork does allow the usage of alternate accounts on our servers, and do not limit the amount of alts each user is allowed to have online at one time. If any staff member feels as if you are abusing this privilege, you will be punished.

    NOTE: The usage of alternate accounts to bypass a ban or mute will result in a severe punishment.


    (1st Offense) Permanent Ban

    Exploiting Loopholes

    Exploiting loopholes is NOT allowed and is punishable.


    (1st Offense) 7 Day Ban
    (2nd Offense) 30 Day Ban
    (3rd Offense) Blacklist

    Faction Rules

    Insiding / Betrayal

    We have a zero tolerance for insiding and betrayal, and believe that it ruins the experience of factions for players.

    NOTE: If you have any questions as to what would be considered insiding, message Jkaem on discord.


    (1st Offense) 60 Day Ban

    Raiding Rules

    Auto-Cannons: NOT ALLOWED
    • Auto-Cannons = TNT Cannons that are on a timer and/or requires no one to manually fire the cannon.
    Multi-Shot Cannons: NOT ALLOWED
    • Multi-Shot Cannons = TNT Cannons that can fire multiple shots and blow through more than 1 wall per shot.
    Full Wall Removers: NOT ALLOWED
    • Full Wall Removers = TNT Cannons that have the ability to remove a majority of a wall in 1 shot.
    Left Shooting: ALLOWED

    Reverse Hybrid: ALLOWED

    Factions caught using any of these blacklisted raiding methods / cannons will be punished.


    (1st Offense) 30 Day Ban [Whole Faction]

    Claiming Rules

    Buffers: 20 Chunks from 1st wall

    Cannon Claims: Cannon claims must be no larger than a 5x5 and cannot be claimed without a cannon built in it for more than 48 hours. If a base does not have their 20 chunk buffer claimed, the cannon claim must be removed within 24 hours and the faction must claim the rest of their buffer or they will be punished. Any cannon claim that is inactive for more than 4 days will be removed. Any factions caught abusing this rule will be severely punished
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Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Kyle, Jan 23, 2018.

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      Thanks for finishing these! Very helpful!
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      yay nice job! Looks pretty good!
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      I don't understand why some cannons are banned. This doesn't make a lot of since and takes away from skill in Factions. another thing is if someone is caught using this cannon, the whole faction gets punished. A person shouldn't be punished based on someone else's failure to follow rules. I think the whole banned cannon rule is a bad idea, just my opinion.
    4. Kyle
      Results in server lag

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