Development Log #1

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By Nathan on Sep 17, 2017 at 8:03 PM

    What is a “Development Log”?

    A Development Log is a way of tracking our progress as a development team with both server-wide and internal updates. One member from the Research & Development team will post one of these articles every weekend with each log including multiple updates to our game modes, server back-end, as well as a few global updates should they occur.

    Make sure to check out our development logs every week to see the changes that have been made to our network which may change how our games are played!


    • Added /rejoin to go back to the previous server that you was in.
    • Fixed join priorities on all game modes.


    • Added different types of "Ice Breaker" items which allow runners to free others faster.
    • Added blindness and slowness to all taggers before the round begins.
    • Added a knock-back stick to send taggers flying backwards.
    • Fixed bug with spawn protection which disallowed runners freeing other runners in certain areas.


    • Added team chat! You can use “/teamchat <msg>” or “/tc <msg>” to communicate with your teammates during a game. Be careful though, moderators and above can still see your messages in team chat, so be appropriate!
    • Added the ability for players, who have previously left the game, to rejoin games.
    • Added a team selector.
    • Increased the blast radius and damage from TNT.
    • Changed the sidebar scoreboard to display a percentage (%) of how much core health is left as well as how many players are currently alive on each team.
    • Changed all shop prices for balancing purposes.
    • Fixed dead players taking damage due to the void before respawning. Players now teleport to a random spawn point when they are dead whilst in the void.
    • Removed players from being able to build in shops, gate towers, and the core area.


    • Started the development on a new plugin to optimise your game play experience! More news on this should be out next weekend.


Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Nathan, Sep 17, 2017.

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