Bedrock faction recruitment (UPDATED)

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    In order to join you have to copy and paste the format into a reply.
    1. What is your IGN?

    2. Are you ok with playing on the kyuzi realm?

    3. What rank do you have? (Or plan have)

    4. How old are you? (Age requirement 12+)

    5. How are your PvP skills on a scale of 0 to 5? (Be honest)

    6. How often will you be playing on the server?

    7. Can you help build a decent base?

    8. Are you trust worthy? How?

    9. What is your e-mail? (To contact you for acceptance):

    *You will be invited to the faction discord if you are accepted*

    *Make sure to reply in the section below*

    *if you are accepted you will be contacted by email*

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