Official Rules

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OpiaNetwork has a zero tolerance attitude towards the use of hacked clients. The term "hacking" refers to the modifications of a vanilla Minecraft client. If these modifications allow users to perform actions that others cannot, giving a user an advantage, the user will be punished indefinitely.

If a staff member feels that a user is conducting such an act, and gains sufficient evidence, the user will be banned permanently.

N.B:- The length of punishments are set out in a ban guide, only available to our staff team. Nevertheless, staff members can use their discretion on a case-to-case basis if they believe a user deserves a more lengthy punishment.


We aim for our network to be a safe haven for players to escape the adversity of the real world. All members should feel welcome upon logging onto the network. Refrain from:

  • Harrasing
  • Abusing
  • Insulting
any users on our network.

NOTE: this rule extends to the staffing community.

Please show support and belief in our staffs' decision making. We always strive to have our members' best interests in mind when making decisions. If you disagree with a certain decision, we encourage to contest it in a mature, constructive manner. Being abusive and confrontational will not help the matter.


Minecraft skins should...

What is a “Development Log”?

A Development Log is a way of tracking our progress as a development team with both server-wide and internal updates. One member from the Research & Development team will post one of these articles every weekend with each log including multiple updates to our game modes, server back-end, as well as a few global updates should they occur.

Make sure to check out our development logs every week to see the changes that have been made to our network which may change how our games are played!


  • Added /rejoin to go back to the previous server that you was in.
  • Fixed join priorities on all game modes.


  • Added different types of "Ice Breaker" items which allow runners to free others faster.
  • Added blindness and slowness to all taggers before the round begins.
  • Added a knock-back stick to send taggers flying backwards.
  • Fixed bug with spawn protection which disallowed runners freeing other runners in certain areas.


  • Added team chat! You can use “/teamchat <msg>” or “/tc <msg>” to communicate with your teammates during a game. Be careful though, moderators and above can still see your messages in team chat, so be appropriate!
  • Added the ability for players, who have previously left the game, to rejoin games.
  • Added a team selector.
  • Increased the blast radius and damage from TNT.
  • Changed the sidebar scoreboard to display a percentage (%) of how much core health is left as well as how many players are currently alive on each team.
  • Changed all shop prices for balancing purposes.
  • Fixed dead...

Introducing the Kyuzi Realm...

Our first realm to be added to the OpiaMC network will be the "Kyuzi Realm".

It will be packed fun of exciting, fun and unique features which will make you reconsider the faction server you may currently play. This realm will accommodate for all: from casual faction players to competitive players, both groups will enjoy their experience. With our highly unique
factions top system, it allows for hardcore players to compete for our faction top CASH PRIZES! Still interested? Read below for a preview list of details and specification for the Kyuzi Realm:

  • Factions have a limit of 25 members - each member having 100 power.
  • Alt accounts are not kicked from factions due to inactivity (this means if you wish to have a faction filled with alts for higher power, you can!)
  • Highly unique "Key Finder" tools, which give players a % chance of obtaining keys! E.g keyfinder pickaxes give you a chance of mining keys!
  • Factions top system and faction core system. For more information regarding the faction core and factions top please click here!...
Official Community Q&A!

Due to popular demand, the OpiaNetwork Management team will be hosting WEEKLY Q&A sessions on our teamspeak servers (ts.opiamc.net) during the duration of our closed BETA. The Q&A will give players the chance to ask about anything Opia related, from future gamemode ideas, to suggestions! During the Q&A, all questions will be answered by the Management team.

Saturday 16th September at 7PM EST in the "Community Q&A" channel on our teamspeak! For international time conversions please click HERE!


No need to worry! You can still get your voice heard by entering your desired question here: http://bit.ly/2fhMoid
An audio recording and transcript will be noted and posted on the forums shortly after the Q&A!

I hope to see you there!