6th February 2018 Update Log

Hub Patch 1.01

- Fixed Zyphalopagus spelling mistake

Skyblock Patch 2.01
  • Fixed Night Vision and Jelly Legs
  • Made changes to /shop
  • Added StatTrack books to http://store.opiamc.net for $10 each
  • Fixed Envoy glitch where certain drops did not occur and messages did not match with reward amount.
  • Fixed Void Chests bug where they were not dropped when broken. (Nathan)
  • Hoppers now in the shop for $7500.
  • Doubled /kit delay
Factions Patch 1.03
  • Koth is finished and ready to be used (Jkaem)
  • Added PlayerVaults (Legend+) (Jkaem)
  • TNT blows up lava (Jkaem)
  • Nerfed sell price of Iron Ingots, Enderpearls, and Poppys (Jkaem)
  • Removed the “Donor Shop” from /shop (Jkaem)
  • Made some minor tweaks to mcMMO (Jkaem)
  • Updated the Enderman Spawner Value on /ftop (Was set to the outdated price) (Jkaem)
  • Removed an Essentials bug (Jkaem)
Jan. 23rd-25th - Patch 1.02
  • Fixed being able to fly while combat tagged (Jkaem)
  • Added a 15 second cooldown to enderpearls (Jkaem)
  • Finished the Factions Rules and Guidelines (Jkaem)
  • Fixed Fishing Rewards (Jkaem)
  • Temp disabled messaging in the core. Has compatibility issues with essentials (Jkaem)
  • MyCommand lagged out the server when players typed /rtp, disabled it temp (Jkaem)
  • Added [item], Temp plugin (Jkaem)
  • Added Mob Stacking (Jkaem)
  • Fixed enderpearling out of the worldborder (Jkaem)
  • Reduced the chances of Mining Rewards (Jkaem)
  • Keyfinders Fixed (Nathan)
Written by @Jkaem

This document is an overview of the general rules on all Faction Realms here on OpiaNetwork, and are implemented to expand upon the Official Rules. Please be aware that these rules are subject to change and will be if seen suitable. It is recommended that all players use common sense when overviewing the rules and do not hesitate to contact a staff member regarding questions about the rules. Suggestions on how the rules could changed and new rules could be implemented are supported, and you can do so here.

All staff decisions are final and cannot be changed without valid evidence and reasoning.

NOTE: The term “blacklist” is referred to, in this document, as a permanent ban that cannot be appealed through our ban dispute system. You can view the ban dispute system here.

Hacked Clients

OpiaNetwork has a zero tolerance attitude towards the use of hacked clients. The term "hacking" refers to the modifications of a vanilla Minecraft client. If these modifications allow users to perform actions that others cannot, giving a user an advantage, the user will be punished indefinitely.

If a staff member feels that a user is conducting such an act, and gains sufficient evidence, the user will be banned permanently.


(1st Offense) Permanent Ban


We aim for our network to be a safe haven for players to escape the adversity of the real world. All members should feel welcome upon logging onto the network.

Please refrain from Harassing, Abusing, and Insulting any users on our network.


(1st Offense) 1 Hour Mute

(2nd Offense) 1 Day Mute

(3rd Offense) 7 Day Mute

Inappropriate Skins

Minecraft skins should not...
Jan. 21st - Patch 1.01
  • Changed a few of the broadcast messages to clean them up a little bit. (Jkaem)
  • Added the prices of certain sellable items with sellwands (SellExtras). (Jkaem)
  • Configured a little bit of the KOTH plugin. (Jkaem)
  • Silk touch mining spawners. (Kyle)
  • /rtp gui changed to /rtp. (Kyle)
  • Mob Farm at spawn works (Jkaem)
  • Fixed animal damage at spawn (Jkaem)
  • Fixed bulk buy (Kyle)
More updates to follow.
15:00 EST // 20:00 GMT


After the initial success of our first ever Skyblock realm, ‘OPIA’, we have decided to introduce an additional realm named: ‘VERATIC!’

Owned by both ZMCNikolai and Mentally, this realm will be much more PvP orientated consisting of:
It is a pleasure to be working with both Nikolai and Daniel as we embark on this new adventure!


Don’t worry! We haven’t forgotten about you faction players… We will have more information coming within the next couple of weeks, so stick with us and keep an eye out for announcements in the future!


Michael’s happiness and well-being has always been, and will always be, paramount to those he knows at OpiaNetwork. We will continue to provide our support and friendship as Michael transitions from his online persona. Consequently, however, his departure from YouTube also means a resignation from his role here as Owner. We would like to thank Michael for the contributions he made to the network and wish him the very best of luck in his future endeavours.

OpiaNetwork: Update #1… #2, #3, #4

Uh, oh. It’s been a while…


It has been 64 days since our largely anticipated OPEN BETA release which happened way back on
October 14th. Can you believe it has been that long? This is when we released the mini-game aspect of our network, which included games such as: Castle Wars, Freeze Tag and Pickle. As much success as our mini-games first brought, it was unfortunately short lived. To add to that misfortune, external factors affected the promotion of these said mini-games and the hype, understandably, fizzled out.

Not to be beaten, the Management team recuperated and discussed strategies on how to get things back on track.

Thus, the creation of SKYBLOCK!

Skyblock was never something we initially considered; though, we’re really happy we chose to go down that route. We are in the process of building a solid community, generating players and you guys are genuinely having fun and that’s great!

Due to its success, we want to do more! Hypothetically, this could mean: releasing another Skyblock realm, perhaps Factions and returning back to our routes with mini-games! What we love most about this network is its potential. We have fantastic owners, endorsers, developers and both a talented staff and build team. Everything is in place to help this network grow and grow, I for one am looking forward to see it all unfold.

Braveheart speech over, let’s get onto some important news and updates!



Team Kyuzi is OpiaNetwork's official build team, which was created initially on the 19th of November 2017.

Team Kyuzi is lead by owners @GuyK and @MCFamerzism, who have had a lot of recognition with having their own maps on other servers such as MCGamer, Badlion Network and HiveMC.​

(We are now recruiting, you can apply down below!)


Washington T.C

Tectonic Skies

Origins Of Guardizm


Enchanted Lagoon

Peaceful Nightmare

Dutchmans Retreat


UltraNetwork Hub

UltraNetwork UHC Lobby

OpiaMC Freeze Tag - Alien Station...​


Ladies and Gentleman,

Whether you have only recently joined us; or you have been here from the start, we would officially like to welcome you to the OpiaNetwork.

We would also like to formally invite you to join our OPEN BETA on:


22:00 BST // 17:00 EST // 14:00 PT


Your attendance at our OPEN BETA will help us test our new gamemode additions, alongside smoothing out any development bugs and issues. OPEN BETA is useful in helping us transition from a BETA network to a full release.

The best thing about OPEN BETA? Anyone and everyone can join!

Stay up to date with important News and Announcements on both our forums and Twitter.


What is the OpiaNetwork?

The OpiaNetwork is a newly found Minecraft gaming network, hosting its servers in the United States. The Network's game-modes have a focus on player vs player battles (PvP) and arcade mini-games, alongside 2 faction realms: Veratic and Kyuzi. Our player base spans across North America and Europe.

The network is shared quarterly between: Nathan, Kyle, Michael and Billy.

Your go-to resource to learn more about OpiaNetwork is:


Alternatively, ask one of our lovely Staff members or use our live chat.

Who is endorsing OpiaNetwork?


We have been lucky enough...
Hi folks,

We would like to bring to your attention changes that have occurred to the way in which we review our Moderator applications.

Due to the large volumes of applications we were receiving, logistically it became inefficient to use the e-mailing system. Therefore, we have decided to go old-school and use the forums!

Please still use the template as provided here:


However, now submit your applications here: